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Pioneering interactive content & purchasing

“We believe, all of us should be able to do more than just watch our Movies and TV shows.”

“We set out to invent a new category… called smart entertainment.”
– The Flixa Team 

Television watching hasn’t changed much in the last 80 years. We sit in front of it and watch… thats about it. What if we could finally interract with our content?

TV viewing is about to change drastically with Flixa.

Flixa streams with your TV shows and movies as a data layer over top of your content, finally giving you amazing and useful information about your entertainment. Right from your sofa and without leaving your movie or show.

Buy actual wardrobe and props.

Have you ever wanted to buy something you liked from a movie? You jump to a laptop and fruitlessly start seaching the internet and discussion boards only to end up with nothing. Now you can buy the exact items you see, right from your TV.

Post from a scene.

With Flixa you can comment and post right from a scene to your favorite social media outlets. Love that new car in the scene, talk about it. We will even grab a 10 second clip and add it to your post!

Lookup cast & crew.

We list all the cast and crew that were there during the shooting of each scene, not just the lead roles. See all talent, view past work and even bounce to their IMDB pages.
Again, right from your TV.

See where it was shot.

Never before have we been able to see where in the world a scene was shot. Quickly see shooting locations for each scene with our fast "Locations" dropdown menu.

View behind the scene pix.

We love learning more about our favorite content too. View behind the scene photos and candid pictures taken during filming, without leaving the movie or show.

Read scenes and script pages.

Our favorite talent masterfully convert written text into captivating performances. Flip through script pages right on your TV and see what they had to work from.

All directlt from your TV, while you are watching. Oh yah, this is big!

What will your content look like with Flixa?


The game changing team:


Josh Ritcher

Co-Founder Biz Dev / Front End 16 years working on-set during production for networks and studios such as ABC, NBC, HBO, Comedy Central, Amazon, Netflix, Paramount, Universal, Sony and Warner Bros

Armen Titizian

Co-Founder Biz Dev / Operations 25 years in entertainment product placement. Working with studios and networks such as Disney, Paramount, Universal, Warner Bros, ABC, NBC, and CBS.

Dragan Marinkovic

CTO Servers / Security 30 plus years leading dev teams on B2B and B2C platforms surrounding business technology and mobile. Overseeing all technology services, product analysis, and software architecture activities

Jeff Hoskins

Last 3 years as a management consultant  to European companies doing business  in the US, office  management consultant in  Dubai to a real estate investment fund, and MBA University of Denver.

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Branko Milanovic

Database  Architect 21 years of experience in Software management, System architecture, Implementation and development under UNIX, Windows and Mac OSX platforms.